Violent Femmes – Novel Excerpts Repost

My name is Elizabeth but if I get arrested I’m going to tell the fuzz my name is Betty Bang Bang. Chances are pretty good that I’m already wanted in connection with one murder tonight and if we don’t make it to Kitty’s mysterious middle of nowhere doctor soon, I’m afraid Carl is going to be number two. Poor Carl. One of those, sorry you got shot while I was getting mineral water and Jaydee’s a psycho that got her hands on a gun kind of misunderstandings. I hope he doesn’t die. He seems like a nice boy. I bet he’s in a pretty good band. He looks like he’s in a band. All this murder, adrenaline and smoke is making me dizzy and numb. I wish Kitty gave me one of those pills.

Read chapters 1-5 of my novel Violent Femmes right here!

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