Essential 8 Column Link Catch-Up Extravaganza!

Lots of catching up to do. I haven’t posted over a month’s worth of columns from Bleeding Cool. Here we go!


Essential 8 Bleeding Cool Stories – Five Years of Lying in the Gutters

Essential 8 Questions with BC EiC Hannah Means-Shannon – There’s Nothing Like Understanding How Alive Comics Are

Essential 8 Comic Book Movies – From Portland, with Kleenex and Ricola

Essential 8 Comics from the Shelf – Hard Drinking Irish Vampires, Reluctant Cannibalism and a Mea Culpa to Johnnie Christmas

Essential 8 Questions with Steve Orlando and Artyom Trakhanov – You’ll Love the Reckless Abandon With Which We Rocket Undertow to Your Brains

Previous columns:

Essential 8 Batman Comics – Celebrating 75 Years of the Batman You Deserve

Editorial 8 Things that Need to Change in Comics – Threats, Harassment and Understanding

Essential 8 Things About Emerald City Comicon – Day One

Essential 8 Things About Emerald City Comicon – Day Two

Essential 8 Tips to Having the Most Fun You’ve Ever Had At a Comicon

Essential 8 Questions with Alex De Campi – It All Has To Come From Somewhere That it Kind of Hurts To Go To

Essential 8 Comics from the Shelf for March – Time Machines, Flashbacks and Secret Agent Men

Essential 8 More Women in Comics – It All Starts with Batman’s Anatomically Correct Costume

Essential 8 Women Working in Comics – Yes, Gail, Boys Like Comics Too

Essential 8 Thor Comics – Hammers, Beards, Dragon-Punching and the Best of Baddest Asgardian

Essential 8 Comics from the Shelf for February – Superman, Talking Dinosaurs, Vulgar British-isms and More!

Essential 8 Comics for Kids!

Essential 8 Comics For Reaching The Comic Book Curious ? Why Allie Brosh is a Bigger Deal than Batman

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