Short Fiction Repost

Here are links to short stories that have appeared on my site in recent months with helpful blurbs about them. I would love it if you read one or more of them and commented here!


Orlando is a darkly comic, cynical story about the last exit off an expressway into a life you don’t recognize.

They landed at Orlando International Airport as ravenous conquerors eager for their tribute like ancient barbarians after sacking Rome.  They came victorious, half-drunk on airline miniatures, armed with smart phones and armored in casual khakis and pastel knit polo shirts.


Resolutions is a story about loneliness, self-loathing and the terrible moments we share with the bathroom scale.

In the kitchen, Marshall hung a dry erase board on the refrigerator.  It had a calendar you could write the days and months in and a section at the top for notes and things.  He filled in the calendar.  January 1.

At the top, he wrote “Resolutions: lose fifty pounds.  Date more.  Don’t die alone.”


The Doorman is a story about New York City, bubblegum wedding rings and finding self respect and confidence in the aftermath of rejection.

Melody was first married at age nine in the Cincinnati airport. Her father smoked cigarettes and read the New York Times in the lounge, missing her vows then as he would again fifteen years later. Her husband, Tyler, was older (ten and a half) and traveling through to Miami with his grandmother. He made a ring for her out of bubble gum and they kissed on the lips with their eyes closed.


The New Kid is a story about telling lies, growing up and comic books in rural Southern Oregon in the early 1990s.

He woke up in his bedroom and could hear them arguing. He stayed in bed, perfectly still, trying to breathe quietly so they wouldn’t know and when his mom came to check on him, he pretended he was still asleep. She walked close to him and lingered for a moment without saying a word or doing anything until she finally turned around and left, closing the door behind her.


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