Sundry Bloggery: Erik’s Weekly Watch, Burnside, Updates etc.

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this page but that’s because I’ve been keeping incredibly busy. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

I started a new weekly column about television at Bleeding Cool a little over a month ago. I’ve written about good summer TV, best bets for the fall TV season, Doctor Who, Sons of Anarchy and some old favorites you might not know about that you can find on Netflix or Amazon Prime. Here’s the links to the posts so you can binge-catch-up:


Erik’s Weekly Watch – Women In Prison, Vampires And Steven Soderbergh On Summer TV

Erik’s Weekly Watch – Erik Versus The Doctor (You Know Who)

Erik’s Weekly Watch – Best Bets For Fall TV Premiers and Returns – Gotham, Brooklyn-Nine-Nine And Homeland To The DVR

Erik’s Weekly Watch – The Fall Of Jax Teller? Sons Of Anarchy Returns

Erik’s Weekly Watch – Buried Streaming TV Treasure Featuring Idris Elba, Anthony Bourdain And Bruce Timm


I’ve also been prepping a new podcast about Portland culture with my friend Michael O’Connor called Burnside. Here’s the elevator pitch for the show:

Burnside is an Internet radio show devoted to Portland culture, counterculture, history, happenings and oddities. Every bi-weekly show explores a different facet of the city from beer to home butcher shops, bicycling to hip hop. Join Erik and Michael as they celebrate and discuss everything that keeps Portland weird.

We’ve been prepping a show on Portland’s (sometimes) underground comic book culture (for what will be our 2nd or 3rd show) and talking to some really great folks about contributions. We are actively discussing and gathering content for a couple of months worth of shows and expect to launch in October. I think Burnside is going to be something really fun and special. If you live in Portland or just want to here some awesome radio journalism, you should check out the site, follow BurnsideRadio on Twitter (@BurnsideRadio) and Like us on Facebook.

I’m also going into a third phase of play-testing for a card game I’ve developed called F*ck Up! It’s a fast-paced game of f*cking over your friends. There will be a lot more about this game soon.

Finally, I continue to work on long-form and short fiction projects. I’ve been quietly moving forward with a few novel-length projects with very different content and tone. I’m continuing to work on Save the Date! an all-ages fantasy-ish romp, an urban superhero riff and a couple of other concepts I’m not ready to tease yet. I intend to have a new manuscript done by the end of the year (fingers crossed for more…) and, more exciting, I’m looking at all kinds of options to make some of my already completed works available for reading and/or purchase in reader-friendly formats.

The last part of 2014 promises to be a busy and super productive. Keep coming back here for updates and all manner of awesome!

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