Introducing the Rough Draft Out Loud podcast!

I’m coming for your ears, you guys!

I’m incredibly excited to announce that I’ve launched a new podcast called Rough Draft Out Loud and you, loyal readers, are going to want to check it out and tune your podcasting machines to the proper frequency.

So what’s Rough Draft Out Loud? Well, I’m glad you asked, Mr. Theoretical Person! Rough Draft Out Loud (or RDOL as the cool kids are calling it) is a podcast where I do two super awesome things. The first thing that I do is read an except from a sweet novel I’m writing called Save the Date! For free! For your ears! Now, you hardcore fans know that Save the Date! is a book that I posted a couple of excerpts from other a year ago on this website which clearly means that this website can tell the future. That’s right, you can read earlier drafts of the first two chapters I’m audio-ing for RDOL right freakin’ now. The second thing that you can’t get here and you can only get on RDOL is a discussion of the writing process behind each section of the book with my patent-pending brand of jokey jokes and wisdom things for your ears. Plus, if you subscribe to the podcast now and tell all your friends about it you can get also get a set of steak knives!*


*….if you were to also buy a set of steak knives from some kind of steak knife retailer. There’s really no relationship to RDOL or and steak knives except that I sometimes enjoy steak and use steak knives to assist in that enjoyment. I endorse steak knives as a concept. You don’t want to be cutting steak with a butter knife, you guys.

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