Buy My Stuff! Summer 2022 Edition

Oh how novel, a blog post! Not a social media thingy or a newsletter whatsit but an old fashioned straight out of 2007 web page update. Wild.

I have two things to share with you, oh denizens of 2007 and the rest of you luddite sociopaths that can still look at text on a webpage without a TikTok eel party or quick emoji reacts.

We’ll begin, obviously, with the adorable kitten of it all: Space Toucans 9Livez. “But wait!” you say out loud to yourself for some reason you should really be a little bit self conscious about, “what is this Space Toucans business, Erik?” Space Toucans is the all-new not-really-different-between-the-covers name for the Space Cocaine anthology series. (I’ve promoted this before. I was in two prior volumes.) We decided if we called it Space Toucans and still filled it with vulgar stories already illegal in certain states, that would make web searching and promotions and all that a little less awkward and DEA-scrutiny-earning. I have a lovely story in this volume that I read at our launch party with a funny voice. People laughed! I have proof. Get your copy today! If you want a signed special edition from me personally, I can hook you up. Email me! (Ask your grandparents how that works.)

Next up is the Zombies Need Brain anthology, NOIR! I have a story in that one that I’m very proud of called “Blackhole Suicide.” Like all good stories it’s about PTSD, party drugs, space farmers and a badass with cool guns that flirts with a robot while investigating a murder. More of my patented anti-capitalism and feelings propaganda. Fun fact! This story serves as a tease for a novel I’m polishing right now and, fickle publishing gremlins willing, will soon be double-tapping into your eye holes. Tell your friends!

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