Get Crooked – Updates End of Summer 2022

I have been a very busy writer this summer and I have news!

First up, this weekend at WorldCon in Chicago the Zombies Need Brains anthology NOIR — which contains my story “Blackhole Suicide!” — will be properly and festively launched with a party and a reading. I’m pleased to say that with some careful manipulation of schedule dynamics and financing I will be in attendance, reading and signing at some of these events. (With apologies to the wonderful Chicago people I know outside of the con — I’m afraid I will be in and out, jetlagged and generally useless). WorldCon attendees should check out the events and say hi! Details here!

Second, I am excited (and very remiss in announcing here) that I was accepted into the Viable Paradise workshop in Martha’s Vineyard this October. For a week I will study and learn from incredible authors and editors and commune with eldritch forces far beyond the capacity of human minds to comprehend. Viable Paradise is a fellowship that I am honored and excited to join with a pedigree that includes some of my favorite writers and people. Future award-winning bestselling badasses will be my classmates and dark gods in the briny depths shall gurgle my name. Good times!

News item number three is that I get to be in a *&%!ing awesome space crime anthology edited by glitter boot superstar Jessie Kwak. Crooked v.2! I’m one of the “…And More’ writers up there on that cover and I gotta say the other writers involved are intimidating and very cool. It’s a gang I am insanely excited to run with. The story I have in there, “Terminal Sunset” is a lean mean pressure cooker of a job on the edge of going very wrong starring a young Kate Hadon (aka the protagonist of “Blackhole Suicide” and other Things TBA). Hadon has less than four hours before the planet she’s on is incinerated by solar storms and a lousy soon-to-be-ex boyfriend to double-cross. Featuring a dog! And ice cream! And the first meeting between Hadon and a future friend and co-conspirator! It’s taut. It’s tense. It can be pre-ordered soon! Watch this space (and the website linked above)! I will be talking A LOT more about this!

Fourthly, I want to crow about a sale I recently made to Nightmare Magazine. This is a dream market for me and as much as I love writing sci fi with face kicking and ample hijinks, deep dark horror is an undying (undead?) passion. I spent more of my youth reading horror novels than fantasy or science fiction and it remains my first love. I don’t know when my story, “Home”, will appear yet but when I do…

…I am preparing Bigger Things (or maybe just more Consistent Things) for updating readers on my goings-on! Did you know I’m doing editorial consulting/mentoring? And I am doing more cool stuff within the writing community? I have so much to tell you about in fact, that I will be launching a newsletter soon, giving this website a much-needed facelift, and leveraging some of my anemic author social medias more. Coming soon! A writer with a proper communication strategy.

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