CROOKED v.2 Launch Day! (and updates!)

It’s Crooked v.2 launch day! You can get a copy here! Also, my esteemed and very clever editor, Jessie Kwak, put together this sweet quiz you can use that gives you an idea which of the 18 (!!!) amazing science fiction crime stories you should start with. If you pick Guardians of the Galaxy, then Reservoir Dogs, then Fear & Loathing you end up with my story, “Terminal Sunset.” Which, yeah, that tracks.

A couple other quick hits. First, I have updated my About Erik page because that thing hadn’t been updated in almost 9 years. Second, the About Erik page notes something I want to call out: I am a writing mentor at Working Title. That means I give editorial feedback and creative coaching in a variety of forms. I’ve been doing this with a growing stable of writing mentees for much of 2022 but I neglected to mention it on my personal webpage because oops! We’ll be doing a lot of cool stuff leading up to and through NaNoWriMo so stay tuned!

Expect more news imminently! I am launching newsletter things! I am plotting! There are schemes!

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