News and Nightmare Magazine

Oh boy! I’m very pleased to share that my story “Home” is in the new February issue of Nightmare Magazine. Subscribers already have it but if you don’t subscribe you can buy the issue right now or wait for it to be published on the website later in the month.

I really need to update my webpage! I’m behind but it’s in the queue, I promise. For now, if you see this and you wonder “hey where can I get all of Erik’s demented fictions and etceteras?” check out About Erik.

A handful of other quick updates before I go back to the writing cave:

  • I have launched a newsletter, PDX Write Week, that compiles a weekly list of literary or writing events like readings, workshops, or signings in the Portland, OR area. It’s free! It’s a great way to support writers! You can sign up here: bit/ly.pdxwriteweek. Tell your friends!
  • I’m proud to say that I am now leading a team of intrepid social media posters for the Willamette Writers Buzz Team. This means when you see me posting too much on Twitter, it’s for the community and not– as one can be forgiven for assuming– wasting time. Willamette Writers is a great organization and you should check them out and follow all their social medias and stuff.
  • I am working through revisions on my current novel right now with Plans and Schemes for unleashing it forthcoming. Stay tuned.
  • Finally, I’m thrilled to be assisting NY Times bestseller and all-around brilliant writer Chelsea Cain in running a writing retreat NEXT WEEK in Maui. Aloha!

More when I can!

Check your crawlspaces,



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