News and the Nebulas

I am a very busy space cadet, y’all. A handful of cool updates:

  • I’m an assistant producer for the 2023 Nebula Awards Ceremony. I KNOW, RIGHT? I am working with some of the Greatest People to celebrate other Greatest People. It’s a tremendous honor, a lot of work, and a great time.
  • I will be at the Nebula Conference in Anaheim (because, assistant producer) in DAYS. Say howdy if you see me. Or hi or any other greeting you prefer. I appreciate all greetings.
  • I am actively querying my novel VERTIGO PUNCH. Part of that querying process means eyeballs that are unfamiliar with my website might be looking at my website which is really embarrassing because I have been so busy writing and assistant producing I am a lax webpage updater. But if you see this and you’re an agent or agent-adjacent and you wonder “can we trust this guy” I can assure you there are multiple pictures of otters on my website. It’s been a little while but they are present and they are adorable.
  • I am working full speed ahead on other projects that are Cool and Exciting. I might forget to post about them but they are happening and we should all be quite enthusiastic about it. I know I am!



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